Do the Property Rights of Blue Lead’s Neighbors Matter?

Tom Brown, neighbor of Blue Lead Mine, sent a new letter to the members of the Nevada County Planning Commission two days ago in anticipation of their meeting this Thursday the 27th to further consider Blue Lead owner Robert White’s application for vested right to mine: Mr. Brown’s letter included this comment about his own […]

Do Owners of Blue Lead Mine Owe $34,675,000 in Fines?

In the following video excerpt from his comments to the Planning Commission on April 22, 2010 Mike Luksic (pronounced “luck sic”) of the Office of Mine Reclamation (OMR) states that the owners of Blue Lead Mine may owe $34,675,000 in fines and penalties for continuous violations for the last 19 years. He also suggests that […]

Letter to Planning Commission Re: Blue Lead and Future Guidelines

Dear Commissioners: Thank you for continuing until your next meeting the consideration of the application of Blue Lead Mine for the vested right to mine, thus allowing further opportunity for public comment. Like most people attending the April 22nd meeting of the Planning Commission, I appreciate and sympathize with the difficult task before you, and the […]

Suzanne Smith, Retired Senior Planner, Opposes Blue Lead Vesting

Suzanne Smith, former Senior Planner with the Nevada County Planning Department, here testifies in opposition to Blue Lead Mine’s application for “vested right to mine” before the April 22nd meeting of the Planning Commission. She agrees with and quotes the following passages from the letter sent to the Commission by the law firm, Shute Mihaly & Weinberger […]

Heidi Hall Speaks to Planning Commission, Opposes Blue Lead

Here Heidi Hall, representing CLAIM-GV, urges the Planning Commission during its April 22nd meeting to review especially the letter from Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger and the other legal analyses in opposition to the application of the Blue Lead Mine for “vested right to mine.” Heidi stresses to the Commission that their decision in this case […]

Reinette Senum Speaks for Blue Lead Neighbor Tom Brown

In the following 6-minute video, Reinette Senum, Mayor of Nevada City, reads the letter sent by Blue Lead neighbor, Tom Brown, to the Nevada County Planning Commission. Here are some of the words you will hear from Mr. Brown: ‘My wife and I are the owners of APN 38-391-04 which is adjacent to the three […]

Excerpts from J. Pelton’s Letter Re Blue Lead Mine

Excerpts from J. Pelton’s “Open Letter to Planning Commission Re Blue Lead Mine” (April 25, 2010): AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION: Thank you for allowing additional time, at least until your next meeting on May 27th, before deciding on the vested rights application from the Blue Lead Mine. I have […]

Eyewitness Testimony of Blue Lead Neighbor Rita Jennings

Almost no one from the neighborhood of the Blue Lead Mine ((Pronounced “blue leed … “)), much less any other affected citizen of Nevada County, was present at the meeting of the Nevada County Planning Commission on March 25th, when Blue Lead’s application for “vested right to mine” was considered and provisionally approved.  The reason for […]

Dave Comstock Testifies to Planning Commission (video)

Here’s a compilation of some excerpts from the testimony of local historian and publisher Dave Comstock at the April 22nd Planning Commission meeting. Dave is arguing against the application of Blue Lead Mine ((Pronounced “blue leed … “))  for the “vested right to mine.” (See background on this issue in my previous set of posts here). […]

Public Speaks Loudly at Packed Planning Commission Meeting

The public made its voice heard loud and clear at yesterday’s Nevada County Planning Commission meeting in the packed Board of Supervisor’s Room at the Rood Center. The central agenda item — a consideration of the application of Blue Lead Mine for the “vested right to mine” — occupied the meeting from 2 PM until […]

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