This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Here’s a great way to celebrate July 4th. Watch this very moving special edition of Democracy Now. It’s a full hour in remembrance of the life and influence of Woody Guthrie.

Why Is Obama Keeping His Distance From The Wisconsin Recall Election?

Answer: Unions. If he appears to support the strong union movement in Wisconsin, that support may scare away big donors. President Obama has, in fact, endorsed Tom Barrett, but that endorsement was so low key that even Jay Carney thought he had not.

Three Chords and the Truth

Before unions and the middle class are completely dead in this country, let’s recall how the union movement built the middle class, let’s recall their struggle in such songs as “Three Chords in the Truth,” which honors that struggle. I’m going to tell you a story right here Huh, you may not believe it I […]

Wisconsin May Now Have a Pro-Labor Senate Majority

Last week, when Democrats won only two of six recall elections in Wisconsin, it appeared that they fell critically short of their goal of positioning themselves to turn back Governor Scott Walker’s anti-labor campaign in the “Badger State.” But, as journalist and Wisconsin native John Nichols has been reporting, if the Democrats being challenged in […]

Turnout for Workers’ Rally in Nevada City Modest But Passionate

About two dozen pro-worker pro-union demonstrators met yesterday at noon on the Broad Street bridge (over 49) in Nevada City, most carrying signs like the ones pictured below. This was part of a nationwide, MoveOn-sponsored “April 4 Days of Action” in support of workers’ rights. It was promoted locally by the Nevada County Democratic Party […]

Live Real-Time Video Stream of Wisconsin Protests

Firefighters Shut Down Bank in Wisconsin That Supported Walker

This is getting interesting. The M & I Bank of Wisconsin had to shut its doors yesterday afternoon in order to prevent a run on the bank by “Firefighters for Labor” from becoming catastrophic. M & I Bank of Wisconsin has committed an unpardonable offense. This bank took bailout funds and thanks to the magic […]

Michael Moore Speaks at Worker Rights Rally at Madison, Wisconsin, March 5, 2011: “The Very People Who Don’t PayTaxes Are The Same Ones Who Crashed Our Economic System!”

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

Union Busting in the Pages of Our Local Paper

While the union movement is resurgent in Wisconsin and nationwide, the spirit of union “busting” is unsurprisingly alive and well in articles and in the comment section of our local paper, The Union. Reporter Kyle Magin, writing today about recent layoffs of county employees, implies that the layoffs were a result of the decision of […]

Republican War on Working Families (video)

Progressive groups are running an ad in Wisconsin aimed at Governor Walker’s campaign against unions. “The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America are sponsoring the ad, which will air in the Milwaukee and Madison markets on broadcast and cable for the rest of the week. The sponsors tell TPM that the buy will […]