Tea Party Gets the Constitution Wrong

Reprinted with permission from ConsortiumNews. The Tea Partiers love to cite the U.S. Constitution as supporting their contempt for the federal government. But they don’t realize that the Constitution represented the most important assertion of central authority in American history, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry It is now an article of faith in the […]

Tea Party people less popular than many other hated minority groups

They may want “their country” back, but their country doesn’t really want them by Alex Pareene “There is a shadowy group of malcontents in America today, plotting a grand takeover of our political institutions in order to completely remake the country according to their wishes. Despite the fact the members of this group are a […]

We (Progressives) Should Learn from the Tea Party’s Secret Tactics

While I believe that the influence of the Tea Party on our national politics and economy is extremely pernicious and destructive, I tend to agree with Thom Hartmann, who claims that we should consider emulating their tactics. Here’s how Hartmann explains it: “I have a mission for you – and it’s not impossible. Progressives shouldn’t […]

Tea Party? Shutdown? What’s the Difference?

Fun if you can afford it.

Thom Hartmann: The TRUE Story of the Tea Party

Since the noisy and disruptive inception of the modern Tea Party several years ago, it has become clear that the center of gravity of that right-wing populist movement is solidly pro-corporate. This is demonstrated by their enthusiastic support for “free markets,” smaller government, low taxes for the wealthy, and the privatization of Social Security. They have an […]

Visual History of Koch Conservatism, from John Birch to Cato

Reprinted from Alternet. Want to explain to your friends and relatives how the Tea Party is corporately-financed and “grassroots” right-wing activity is not spontaneous? Here’s a graphic to get you started. This infographic on the Koch brothers’ long history of ultra-conservative activity and financial support for the most extreme of right-wing activity comes to us […]

History of the Tea Party in Four Minutes

If you don’t know what Rick Santelli’s rant on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange has to do with the birth of the Tea Party movement, you should watch this. Even if you do, you should watch it. This is a cute rapid-fire four-minute history of the movement, a mixture of images: tri-cornered […]

The Tea Party Movement is Nothing New

There’s been much contradictory speculation about the tea party movement over the last year or so. Dick Armey’s Freedomworks is generally credited with giving birth to the movement, and continuing to guide it. Most tea partiers, however, passionately insist that the movement is essentially grass-roots, born of itself. Jane Mayer’s recent New Yorker article about the Koch […]

Overheard in a Popular Grass Valley Restaurant

A large group — maybe a dozen people — sat down near us in a popular Grass Valley restaurant yesterday morning while we were eating breakfast. One of the newly-seated members of that happy and high-spirited  group asked the waitperson, “Is there a Tea Party Special?” The quick-thinking WP answered, “Oh, you mean the one […]