“We Are Star Dust”

Another offering in John Boswell’s beautiful “Symphony of Science” series. He labels this one, “We Are Star Dust,” which is not a metaphor, or … not just a metaphor. It’s also a plain scientific fact. Boswell is working on both sides of our brains with these science/music videos. His work reminds us that if anything […]

Evolution — The Greatest Show on Earth

Another beautiful Symphony of Science video by John Boswell (3 minutes and 21 seconds).

“Onward to the Edge” (Symphony of Science)

The latest installment in the Symphony of Science series.

Twelve Particles of Matter, Four Forces of Nature

Here the latest bit of poetry/science from Symphony of Science:

“These Beings With Soaring Imaginations” (Symphony of Science)

The latest in John Boswell’s beautiful Symphony of Science series:

Why Did the Universe Create the Human Brain?

Here’s the latest music video (“Ode to the Brain!”) in John Boswell’s wonderful Symphony of Science series. I was at first repulsed by this one, since it has many images of the meaty brain exposed outside its skullcage. But then, in a quiet moment, I watched it again and again. You have to work a […]

How Would You Change Your Life If You Thought … ?

Here’s the latest in John Boswell’s unique and beautiful Symphony of Science series. This short three-minute video is called “The Big Beginning,” and raps — you might say — on some of the basic facts of the Big Bang. Since the Renaissance, but especially since the Industrial Revolution, we in the West live in a world in […]

Teach a Man to Reason, and He’ll Think for a Lifetime

Here’s the latest from the Symphony of Science, a series of short videos remixing the words of notable scientists and thinkers to make a strange and beautiful blend of music and ideas and images. I love this stuff. Click here to see all the Symphony of Science videos.

Symphony of Science: “The Case for Mars”

Here’s the latest remix from the Symphony of Science:

Alan Watts: At the Intersection of Science and Philosophy

Remembering Alan Watts no doubt dates me. That’s OK. I still miss the extravagant and rebellious Sixties. Here’s a sample of what Alan Watts was like, but remixed by John Boswell in the style of Boswell’s Symphony of Science videos. Boswell’s remix presents Watts more like Watts than … Watts was himself! Which he would […]

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