Fearful of Agenda 21, an alleged U.N. plot, activists derail land-use planning

Published in High Country News (hcn.org) February 6, 2012. Reprinted with permission. By Jonathan Thompson In November, La Plata County Commissioner Kellie Hotter called local land-use planning “a blood sport.” She wasn’t kidding. Since last spring, as this southwestern Colorado county considered a new comprehensive land-use plan, carnage has piled up. By mid-December, casualties included […]

A fish tale in the land of Oz

Published in High Country News (hcn.org) March 4, 2011. Reprinted with permission. ESSAY – By Paul VanDevelder The most expensive and protracted battle over an endangered species is at last approaching its day of reckoning in Portland, Ore.  Sometime this spring, federal District Court Judge James Redden will decide the terms of a recovery plan for some […]