5 Ways Privatization Is Ruining America

Reprinted from Alternet (August 12, 2012) By Paul Buchheit We spend lifetimes developing community assets, then give them away to a corporation for lifetimes to come. A grand delusion has been planted in the minds of Americans, that privately run systems are more efficient and less costly than those in the public sector. Most of […]

Why Are Our Public Schools Up For Sale? Privatization Isn’t Working.

Reprinted from Other Words (August 6, 2012) While charter proponents claim that their schools are less bureaucratic, more efficient, and more effective, the evidence doesn’t really back that up. By Jeff Bale and Sarah Knopp “Back-to-school” sales seem to start earlier every year. These days, more than binders and backpacks are on offer. Now, public schools themselves […]