Aging mining law handcuffs the American West

Originally published in High Country News (June 12, 2012). Reprinted with permission. By Ben Long Two of my favorite western cities, Tucson, Ariz., and Boise, Idaho, share some common blessings and one common curse. The blessings include lovely mountain backdrops, vibrant universities and increasingly diverse economies. The shared curse: badly misguided mining claims upstream. Why, in the […]

City of Grass Valley Imposes Final Application Deadline on Emgold

Press Release By Citizens Looking At Impacts of Mining (CLAIM-GV) March 15, 2012 On Thursday, March 13, Grass Valley City Council set a final 180-day time limit for Emgold to come up with the required deposits for their flagship project, the Idaho-Maryland Mine and Ceramics Factory. If Emgold fails to deposit approximately $440,000 within 180 days, […]

Dear Big Coal: You’re Not Above the Law

Reprinted from Yes! Magazine (September 20, 2011) How many times can a corporation break the law and continue to exist? Inside the fight to revoke Massey Energy’s corporate charter. By Sarah Van Gelder A majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices and some politicians like to refer to corporations as “persons.” Few actual people, though, could […]

Local Newspaper ‘The Union’ Supports the Sustainability Movement (and Opposes the Mine?)

I’m encouraged to see that the publisher of The Union, in his editorial today (“Can we have our milk and drink it, too?“), supports the sustainability movement “Who doesn’t support the sustainability movement?” you might ask. Well, in Jeff Ackerman’s account, mostly the federal government: Last week I went to see a documentary called “Farmageddon,” […]

National Call-In Event! Stop The Dumping Of Mining Waste In Our Waters!

From Earthjustice: Dear Friend, Back in May, more than 26,000 Earthjustice supporters stood up to tell the Obama administration to close a massive Bush-era loophole in the Clean Water Act that is allowing mining companies to dump their toxic and dangerous mining waste directly into the waters we rely on. That mining waste loophole still […]

Panel Discussion and Movie: “The Last Mountain”

Ben Emery of the Nevada County Green Party has organized a panel discussion about the Idaho-Maryland Mine, and a showing of the documentary, “The Last Mountain,” to take place Wednesday July 27, 2011 at the Nevada Theatre on Broad Street in Nevada City. The panel discussion will begin at 6 PM, followed by the movie […]

Sour Grapes in Whine Country

Jeff Ackerman, editor/publisher of The Union, today gave us another of his signature anti-government rants (“Mining? Just fuhgeddaboudit“), this time in the form of an entertainingly peevish complaint about the likely failure of Emgold to get permission to re-open the old Idaho-Maryland Mine in the heart of downtown Grass Valley. He quotes and agrees with Mike […]

KVMR: Joe Heckel Explains City’s April 8th Deadline for Idaho-Maryland

Paul Emery, on last night’s KVMR Evening News, interviewed Joe Heckel, Grass Valley’s Community Development Director, about the status of Emgold’s Idaho-Maryland Mine project. Heckel essentially confirmed Mayor Lisa Swarthout’s statement to David Watkinson, CEO of the Idaho-Maryland Mine Company, in September of 2009, that the city had decided to require a revised DEIR. In his interview […]

Acid Mine Drainage, A Problem Not Addressed in the IMM DEIR

Originally published in the Mail & Guardian, Nov 12, 2010, as “Rising water, rising fear: SA’s mining legacy.” Reprinted with permission of the author by MARA KARDAS-NELSON Environmental activist Mariette Liefferink’s four-inch crimson heels still sport their Woolworths sticker as they puncture the sulphuric crust lining Robinson Lake, situated in the Western Basin of the Witwatersrand. […]

Blue Lead’s Formal Appeal to BOS Contains Incorrect Statements

On June 7th Blue Lead Mine LLC formally appealed to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to reverse the Planning Commission’s May 27th decision denying the vested right to mine. The only reason that this matter dragged on for months before the Planning Commission and is now in consideration on appeal before the Board of Supervisors is that Mr. […]

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