New Economic Analysis Needed for Idaho-Maryland Mine Project

by Jane and Don Pelton The Grass Valley City Council has the authority to invest the life of our community in a proposal by a junior Canadian mining company to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine (IMM).  But no prudent investor would proceed with re-opening a massive hard rock gold mine in a populated area without first […]

Panel Discussion and Movie: “The Last Mountain”

Ben Emery of the Nevada County Green Party has organized a panel discussion about the Idaho-Maryland Mine, and a showing of the documentary, “The Last Mountain,” to take place Wednesday July 27, 2011 at the Nevada Theatre on Broad Street in Nevada City. The panel discussion will begin at 6 PM, followed by the movie […]

Ben Emery Organizing a Showing of “The Last Mountain”

I met Ben Emery and a Green Party colleague of his at the Bistro in Nevada City on Thursday morning, to talk about arranging a showing at the Nevada City Theater of “The Last Mountain,” a documentary about the horror of mountain top removal in Appalachia. Ben is trying to get a group of interested […]

My Cousin’s Water Wheel Important to Nevada County Mining

Ever since we first bought property here in Nevada County over thirty-five years ago, people from time-to-time have asked me whether I’m “related to the same Pelton who invented the water wheel.” I’ve always shrugged and said “I don’t know … probably.” I’ve enjoyed the possibility that it might be true, since the name has a certain […]

Convictions based on Evidence Held by Nevada City Police May be in doubt

News Release (Mountain Messenger) NEVADA CITY – The Mountain Messenger newspaper is on the streets today with a story revealing how Grand Jury criticisms of Nevada City Police Department evidence handling may affect cases already tried. A local defense attorney told The Messenger attorneys should consider what, if any, action they should take on behalf […]

Nevada City Seafood Temporarily Closed (Will Re-Open Next Thursday)

I was surprised to see this handwritten sign on Eric Juell’s Nevada City Seafood this afternoon when I drove there to buy some salmon: When I got home I called Nevada City Seafood and spoke to Mike Duffy, the new owner. Mike told me that he’s taking over the business (with Eric still involved for […]

Reinette Senum on Nevada County’s Gorilla Love Project

Editor’s Note: I found out about this from a Ben Emery post on Facebook. Thanks Ben, Reinette and all the other supporters of this very creative effort to help the homeless in our county.

Back to the Drawing Board: GV finds numerous errors in IMM proposal

By CLAIM-GV “Yesterday, Grass Valley Planning Director Tom Last stated that the CD that was released to the public and the copies that were posted online contain a number of errors and will have to be revised by IMM and re-submitted. It is not clear whether the errors that are in the CD version also […]

Planning Commission: Proposed Zoning Change Provokes Passionate Public Comments

The Nevada County Planning Commission meeting held yesterday in the Board Room at the Rood Center consisted essentially of one agenda item, and that item didn’t sound all that controversial: “ORD10-001 Contractor’s Equipment Yard Definition and Accessory Storage.” But the meeting was well attended both by local citizens opposed to and by contractors supportive of […]

APPLE-a-Day Party at the APPLE Center, May 4th, 6:30 PM

April 28, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APPLE Center for Sustainable Living 412 Commercial Street, Nevada City CA 95959 530.478.1700 “APPLE a Day” Fundraising Gathering, Wednesday May 4th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM Please join us at the “APPLE a Day” Gathering, a fundraiser for the APPLE Center. This is your opportunity to: Meet local trailblazers in […]

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