Help the Library Today: Pledge Now

You don’t need to wait for the Library Aid Telethon on February 20th to help relieve the library budget crisis. You can pledge today by printing the pledge form and sending it to Friends of the Library (optionally with whatever you can afford). To print the pledge form, click on one of these two links: […]

Library Aid Telethon to Air February 20th!

*** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *** by Friends of the Library and NCTV Contact: Lew Sitzer, Chair, Telethon Committee 478-1174 Paul Minicucci, E.D. NCTV 478-6000 x249 LIBRARY AID TELETHON” TO AIR FEBRUARY 20 Grass-roots effort to raise $100,000 to help County Library System NCTV and Friends of the Nevada County Libraries are producing a […]

Countdown to Library Decision Day: Public or Private Hands?

by Friends of the Truckee Library The Current Situation: In early February 2010, Nevada County will make a decision about the future of our library. A short time ago, the County established three committees to recommend the best management model for Nevada County libraries in the current fiscal downturn: Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) Ad Hoc […]

Library Ad Hoc Committee Endorses Non-LSSI Options

The Library Ad Hoc Committee met yesterday morning in the Empire Room of the Rood Center, and after almost two hours of deliberation voted to endorse two of the public options, finding that either would be a viable solution to the library’s financial problem. The two options are numbers 1 (aka “A”) and 4 (aka […]

Local Pro-LSSI Website: No There … There!

I ran across this seemingly local pro-LSSI website this morning: There’s apparently no actual person who’s willing to be publicly associated with this pro-outsourcing website, despite the fact that many persons in our community have been willing to put themselves out there publicly in opposition to outsourcing. (See my posting on Deb Abbadie this morning). […]

Deb Abbadie Speaks Out on Library Outsourcing

I’ve seen former county reference librarian Deb Abbadie everywhere on the library issue: speaking to the Board of Supervisors last fall, quoted in Union articles, speaking to the 7:30 AM rally at the Rood Center in December, and this morning with an “Other Voices” column in The Union. She’s one of the most knowledgeable people […]

New Option for Library Ad Hoc Committee to Consider

The Library Ad Hoc Committee — in its 8 AM meeting tomorrow — will be asked by county staff to consider an option not presented to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee when it met on January 13th. This option — yet another public, non-LSSI option — did not exist on the 13th, but was introduced in a staff […]

Library Citizens’ Oversight Committee Endorses Non-LSSI Proposal

The Library Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) met this morning in the community room of Madelyn Helling Library (with a video-conference link to one of its members in Truckee). After considering in detail three proposals (including the most recent from LSSI) the COC voted officially and unanimously to recommend the latest iteration of the Truckee Friends […]

Library COC Meeting Wed the 13th: Public Welcome

An important –possibly the most important — meeting of the Library Citizen’s Oversight Committee (COC) will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, January 13, 2010) from 10 AM to noon in the Community Room of the Madelyn Helling Library (980 Helling Way, Nevada City). The goal of the meeting is to “discuss the various options already submitted […]

County Has Viable Alternatives to Library Privatization

The most interesting current development in the Nevada County community’s effort to deal with the very real and looming library budget shortfall is an alternative presented by the Truckee Friends of the Library during the public feedback period at the January 4, 2010 working committee meeting. This interesting and well-crafted proposal for the operation of […]

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