A Country Without Libraries

Charles Simic Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. —Groucho Marx “All across the United States, large and small cities are closing public libraries or curtailing their hours of operations. Detroit, I read a few days ago, may close all of its […]

Kudos to The Union for its Library Coverage This Week

Kudos to The Union for its series of articles and fundraising campaign for the Nevada County Library system this week, which is — which was, after all — National Library Week! Shame on us local bloggers, who sat on our butts and didn’t say a word about National Library Week. I count myself at the top […]

LSSI is BAACK! Depicted as Union-Busting “Privatization Beast” in Anti-LSSI Video Produced by SEIU and Citizens of Santa Clarita, California

Citizens of Camarillo, Santa Clarita and Ventura, California are up-in-arms against an effort by LSSI (Library Systems and Services LLC) to privatize their public libraries. (LSSI attempted, but failed, to privatize the public library system in Nevada County. See my series of articles on our experience with LSSI here). Partnering with SEIU (the Service Employees […]

County Executive Officer Recommends Library Option A

According to the agenda and related memos posted today to the county website for the February 23rd meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Richard Haffey, the County Executive Officer, is recommending that the Board approve Library “Option A,” the management plan developed jointly by the Truckee Friends of the Library and county staff. This effectively ends any […]

Nevada County Outsourcing Controversy Featured in the Library Journal

The current issue of the 133 year-old Library Journal (published in New York, NY), the “oldest and most respected publication covering the library field,” features as its top story an article about Nevada County’s library outsourcing controversy, “In Nevada County, CA, an Outsourcing Proposal Stirs Controversy.” The article is accompanied by a replica of the flyer […]

Why a Pro-LSSI Op-Ed in The Union on the Eve of the Library Decision?

Why is a Jackson County, Oregon administrator taking such an interest in Nevada County’s consideration of LSSI, and why did the The Union publish his “Other Voices” Op-Ed (“Public-private library partnership a win-win“) just days before the Nevada County Board of Supervisors is likely to vote for or against LSSI’s proposal? I sent an email […]

Pro-LSSI Website Disappears

The apparently pro-LSSI website which I stumbled on and wrote about several weeks ago has now disappeared. Here’s what its banner looked like while it was still alive: I was unaware that it had disappeared until I received this email today from Norman Oder, News Editor for the Library Journal: “Mr. Pelton, I’m writing an […]

Statement of Friends of the Truckee Library: Countdown to Decision Day

By: Friends of the Truckee Library Feb. 8, 2010 – The Nevada County public libraries are under threat of outsourcing to LSSI, a private company in Maryland State. In October, in response to the economic downturn, the County CEO presented the BOS with a Request for Proposals for private contractors to manage the library. The […]

Mary Ann Trygg Describes Library Options A & D, Will Support Either

I had an interesting email dialog with County Librarian Mary Ann Trygg  this morning. First, she described the significant issues she’s having to juggle right now: “Currently, we are working on several projects to bring in money to the library such as the Union newspaper plea, an upcoming NCTV Telethon, work with the PV Chamber […]

Will the Internet Make Books and Libraries Obsolete?

As a bibliophile, I’m the first to admit that there’s a huge irrational element in my love for books, libraries and bookstores for that matter. And this passion has only grown over time. I’ve always followed my curiosity by buying books, but for many of my last years working at Stanford, with its great bookstore […]

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