Mind-Blowing Infographic Showing Wealth Inequality in America

Why Is Our Life Expectancy Shorter Than in Other Developed Countries?

Reprinted from Too Much: An online weekly on excess and inequality To protect our health, we’ve learned to have our ‘vital signs’ taken. But no visit to a doctor’s office can tell us the vital signs that determine where on earth people can expect to live the longest lives. Let’s talk life expectancy. The stats […]

Inequality is real, it’s personal, it’s expensive and it was created

Robert Reich just keeps getting better and better:

Viral Video (6 min): US Wealth Inequality as You’ve Never Seen It (Obscene Greed Since Reagan)

Based on a popular Mother Jones post on inequality. More graphs from Mother Jones:

Deficit Scaremongering By “Fix The Debt” Campaign

Reprinted from Pete Peterson Pyramid under Creative Commons License  Fix the Debt Astroturf Supergroup The Campaign to Fix the Debt is the latest incarnation of a decades-long effort by former Nixon man turned Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson to slash earned benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare under the guise of fixing the nation’s “debt problem.” Through this […]

Five Job-Destroying CEOs Trying to “Fix” the Debt by Slashing Corporate Taxes and Cutting Social Security Benefits

Reprinted from Alternet By Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger Let’s name them and shame them. In poll after poll, the American people say they are far more concerned about the jobs crisis than the “debt crisis.” A powerful coalition of CEOs says they have an answer for both problems. Give us more tax breaks, they say, and we’ll […]

Should Darwin Have “Occupied” Andrew Carnegie’s Office?

The science of evolution supports the notion that a just society is built on our innate creaturely sense of equality and fairness. “Fairness is the basis of the social contract,” says Eric Michael Johnson in a fascinating new article in Scientific American. But hasn’t Darwinism been used in the past to justify unequal rewards for the […]

Infographic | The LIBOR $candal Explained – The Largest Banking Scandal In History

Esquire Magazine: Writer wanted to help convert class war into generational war. No skills required; pays top dollar

Reprinted with permission from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (March 30, 2012) By Dean Baker This could well have been the want-ad Esquire used to attract a writer for its story titled, “War Against Youth.” This lengthy piece is the best compendium of warped logic and misplaced facts on this topic since the […]

Wealth Inequality Worse in U.S. Than in Ancient Rome

Tim De Chant has an interesting post over at his Per Square Mile blog, discussing a recent academic study comparing levels of inequality in Ancient Rome with levels of inequality in today’s America. The scholars, using the Gini Index, found that “the top 1 percent of Roman society controlled 16 percent of the wealth, less […]

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