Will Grass Valley Learn From Its Mistakes With Emgold?

By Tom Grundy Now that Emgold’s application to re-open the Idaho-Maryland mine has been withdrawn due to lack of funds, our community has a new set of questions to face. Will we learn from our mistakes? Will we do it right next time? The thing is, Emgold was never serious about being a ‘good community […]

Emgold Announces It Will Miss Deadline for Deposit on DEIR

CEO David Watkinson of the Idaho-Maryland Mine Company today told Mathew Renda of The Union that it will miss the deadline of September 10th set by the City of Grass Valley for it to make its initial deposit on the DEIR (draft environmental impact report). The following sentence in the Union online article suggests that IMM itself […]

“Gold Mine Stock? Fool Me Once … “

By Ralph Silberstein If Emgold Mining Co. fails to pay the City of Grass Valley the required deposit of about $440,000 by September of 2012, the City will consider the Idaho-Maryland Mine project application withdrawn. The deposit is for independent consultants to begin preparation of a revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the proposed […]

In a Surprise Move, Grass Valley City Council Sets Hard Deadline for Emgold

In a surprise move this evening, the Grass Valley City Council went well beyond what was strictly required of them and took action on a formally non-action agenda item, by imposing a “final” and hard deadline of six months for Emgold to secure financing to complete the Draft Environmental Impact Report on its Idaho-Maryland Mine […]

Marysville (Montana) Residents Up In Arms Over Mine

Reprinted from the Helena, Montana Independent Record, February 2, 2012, with the permission of the author. (Note from Sierra Voices Editor: Many of us opposed to the re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine here in Nevada County, CA, have warned of well failures due to mine de-watering, 24×7 truck traffic congestion, arsenic contamination of water, increased […]

Why Did Grass Valley City Council Ignore Public Comments on IMM Contracts?

By Don Pelton Four of the five members of the Grass Valley City Council, in its meeting of November 8th, voted unanimously to approve the proposed contracts with ASCENT Environmental (for the revised Idaho-Maryland Mine EIR) and with Emgold (the reimbursement agreement). Dan Miller was absent. Before the vote, Mayor Jan Arbuckle allowed public comments, within […]

The Union Wants Your Opinion About the Idaho-Maryland Mine

Update at 7:45AM on 9/15/11: See comment #5 below (link) for why this so-called “poll” question is bogus, and why the results cannot be trusted, no matter which side they appear to favor. The Union is conducting a poll among Facebook users concerning attitudes about re-opening the Idaho-Maryland Mine. This is the single — and […]

Emgold’s Press Release Featured in The Union as an Op-Ed

Emgold’s latest press release, appearing in today’s The Union as an op-ed by David Watkinson, announces their submittal of drafts of the “revised executive summary, introduction, and project description.” As I reported on April 8th, this appears to be in partial fulfillment of the City of Grass Valley’s April 8th deadline. The press release also promises […]

Idaho-Maryland Mine Company Sends Partial Application Update by April 8th Deadline

As I reported here on April 6th, Idaho Maryland Mine Corporation CEO David Watkinson sent a new letter on March 31st (dated April 1st) signaling his intent to submit some preliminary documents updating their application by April 8th, the deadline set by the City of Grass Valley last fall. According to a new press release […]

New Letter from Idaho-Maryland Mine’s CEO, David Watkinson

Idaho-Maryland Mine Corporation’s CEO David Watkinson submitted a new letter (dated April 1st, received by the City on March 31, 2011) to Joe Heckel, City of Grass Valley’s Community Development Director. Mr. Watkinson says in his letter that IMM Corp. plans to submit by April 8th (among other things) the “working draft” of a Revised […]

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