Why Is Our Life Expectancy Shorter Than in Other Developed Countries?

Reprinted from Too Much: An online weekly on excess and inequality To protect our health, we’ve learned to have our ‘vital signs’ taken. But no visit to a doctor’s office can tell us the vital signs that determine where on earth people can expect to live the longest lives. Let’s talk life expectancy. The stats […]

Will Republicans Repeal Obamacare Through Reconciliation?

Thom Hartmann, on his radio show yesterday, made a plausible argument for how Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts may have done the Republicans a favor — whether they realize it or not — by declaring the Obamacare mandate to be a tax. This opens the possibility that they may repeal the law by treating […]

Health Care Stocks Have Risen 28.35%

Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake.com describes the myths surrounding the health care debate. Among these myths is the idea that “insurance companies hate this bill:” Fact: This bill is almost identical to the plan written by AHIP, the insurance company trade association, in 2009. The original Senate Finance Committee bill was authored by a former Wellpoint […]

Good Argument for Socialized Medicine

How do the countries of the rest of the industrialized world manage to provide health care for all of their citizens for 9 or 10 percent of GDP while the United States spent 17.3 percent of GDP in 2009, and is on track — even with the current proposals under consideration — to reach as […]