Kavita Ramdas: Radical women, embracing tradition

In this beautiful TED Talk, Kavita Ramdas explores — through some personal stories of women — the amazing paradox in the contrast between the brutal treatment of women throughout the world and their abundant energy and drive for recreating cultures everywhere. She tells the stories of some women who combine radicalism and the use of […]

Whatever Happened to the Men’s Movement?

I recently ran across a whole set of audio tapes from a weeklong men’s conference I attended in Mendocino almost twenty years ago, back in June of 1991. I’ve kept them stored in a box on a shelf in our den all these years. Although I was at every session when they were recorded, I […]

Education is the Husband That Will Never Let You Down

Here’s a nice clip from a New Scientist story about the TED2010 Conference: Wishes do come true – as evidenced by Daphney Singo, an African nuclear physicist who took the stage in colourful African garb to talk about her experience at AIMS, the African Institute for Mathematics and Science, one of many such schools founded […]

Building Cultures of Peace

Published by Yes! Magazine on February 11, 2010 If we are to build cultures of peace we have to start talking about something that still makes many people uncomfortable: gender. by Rianne Eisler We stand at a critical point in human cultural evolution. Going back to the old normal where peace is just an interval […]

Are Men Now Permanently Less Employable Than Women?

Kevin Drum, writing in Mother Jones (“Men Without Work“), argues that we may be “entering not merely a slow recovery in general, but an era in which the male employment ratio hovers permanently around 80% even for those in their prime working years.” Here’s how he arrives at that speculation. First, he cites a book […]

Meet the Radical Homemakers

Published by Yes! Magazine on February 1, 2010 How families are achieving ecological, social, and economic transformation… starting under their own roofs. by Shannon Hayes Long before we could pronounce Betty Friedan’s last name, Americans from my generation felt her impact. Many of us born in the mid-1970s learned from our parents and our teachers […]