Will Grass Valley Learn From Its Mistakes With Emgold?

By Tom Grundy Now that Emgold’s application to re-open the Idaho-Maryland mine has been withdrawn due to lack of funds, our community has a new set of questions to face. Will we learn from our mistakes? Will we do it right next time? The thing is, Emgold was never serious about being a ‘good community […]

Emgold Announces It Will Miss Deadline for Deposit on DEIR

CEO David Watkinson of the Idaho-Maryland Mine Company today told Mathew Renda of The Union that it will miss the deadline of September 10th set by the City of Grass Valley for it to make its initial deposit on the DEIR (draft environmental impact report). The following sentence in the Union online article suggests that IMM itself […]

Handy Reminder: Emgold Pays for EIR by 9/13/12 or Starts Over

Sierra Voices will display the following widget in its right-hand column on all main pages and subpages until September 13th, by which time Emgold must deliver the funds to the City of Grass Valley for continuing the EIR (environmental impact report) or else its application to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine will expire administratively (with no […]

City of Grass Valley Imposes Final Application Deadline on Emgold

Press Release By Citizens Looking At Impacts of Mining (CLAIM-GV) claim@claim-gv.org March 15, 2012 On Thursday, March 13, Grass Valley City Council set a final 180-day time limit for Emgold to come up with the required deposits for their flagship project, the Idaho-Maryland Mine and Ceramics Factory. If Emgold fails to deposit approximately $440,000 within 180 days, […]

In a Surprise Move, Grass Valley City Council Sets Hard Deadline for Emgold

In a surprise move this evening, the Grass Valley City Council went well beyond what was strictly required of them and took action on a formally non-action agenda item, by imposing a “final” and hard deadline of six months for Emgold to secure financing to complete the Draft Environmental Impact Report on its Idaho-Maryland Mine […]

Why Did Grass Valley City Council Ignore Public Comments on IMM Contracts?

By Don Pelton Four of the five members of the Grass Valley City Council, in its meeting of November 8th, voted unanimously to approve the proposed contracts with ASCENT Environmental (for the revised Idaho-Maryland Mine EIR) and with Emgold (the reimbursement agreement). Dan Miller was absent. Before the vote, Mayor Jan Arbuckle allowed public comments, within […]

Film and Forum Tonight at Nevada Theater

Excerpts from the CLAIM newsletter: “A Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sundance Film Festival nominated film about the dangers of coal mining – and how a small town fought back against a big corporation – will be featured at public forum here to educate the community about the environmental threats of reopening the Idaho Maryland Mine […]

New Economic Analysis Needed for Idaho-Maryland Mine Project

by Jane and Don Pelton The Grass Valley City Council has the authority to invest the life of our community in a proposal by a junior Canadian mining company to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine (IMM).  But no prudent investor would proceed with re-opening a massive hard rock gold mine in a populated area without first […]

Back to the Drawing Board: GV finds numerous errors in IMM proposal

By CLAIM-GV “Yesterday, Grass Valley Planning Director Tom Last stated that the CD that was released to the public and the copies that were posted online contain a number of errors and will have to be revised by IMM and re-submitted. It is not clear whether the errors that are in the CD version also […]

Emgold’s Press Release Featured in The Union as an Op-Ed

Emgold’s latest press release, appearing in today’s The Union as an op-ed by David Watkinson, announces their submittal of drafts of the “revised executive summary, introduction, and project description.” As I reported on April 8th, this appears to be in partial fulfillment of the City of Grass Valley’s April 8th deadline. The press release also promises […]

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