Why Didn’t Right-Wing Cheating Work in Ohio?

The right-wing used its traditional tried-and-true methods of cheating in yesterday’s election in Ohio (voting restrictions, deceptive ads, misleading instructions, etc.) and still they lost. They lost big. What gives? Could it be that people are waking up? Early voting was shut down by fiat on Friday, even though early voting traditionally runs through Sunday. […]

“I Don’t Want Everybody to Vote”

The audio is out-of-synch with the video in this 32-second clip from a 1980 speech by Paul Weyrich in which he explains why the GOP benefits from low voter turnout. (Low voter turnout, by the way, goes a long way toward explaining the enormous GOP gains in the 2010 midterm elections). But it’s worth listening to […]

Reasons to Be Suspicious of New-Found Prosser Votes in Wisconsin

Waukesha County, Wisconsin County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus finds more than 7500 net votes for Prosser,  previously missed, she says, due to “human error.” From bradblog.com: The threshold for the state to pay the costs of a “recount” is a 0.5% margin. That margin would be approximately 7,500 votes in an election with some 1.5 million ballots. The new […]