The Connection Between Amgen and the Doping Drug EPO

This is definitely old news, but it’s an interesting time — right after the 60 Minutes interview with Tyler Hamilton — to recall that Amgen Corporation, the sponsor of the Amgen Tour of California, which continues to feature many veterans of the Tour de France, is also the manufacturer of erythropoietin (EPO), a drug designed […]

Will Lance Armstrong’s Reputation Survive the 60 Minutes Report?

Dave Zirin, sports writer for The Nation magazine, believes that Armstrong — because of his triumph over cancer and his great contribution to the battle against it — is in a class by himself in the sport of cycling, even though the sport itself is “rife” with doping. “Of the 7 Tour de France titles […]

Ex-teammate: “I saw Lance Armstrong inject EPO”

From 60 Minutes: “(CBS News) Lance Armstrong is among the greatest athletes of all time – an American hero who beat cancer to win the Tour de France, the Super Bowl of cycling, seven times. But now Armstrong is the focus of a federal investigation into performance enhancing drugs. A grand jury in Los Angeles […]