Fighting Voter ID Laws Intelligently

Reprinted with permission from LEZGETReal (July 9, 2012) By Linda Carbonell Sometimes, I really despair over liberal legal minds. In most of the states that have passed new voter ID laws, Democrats, liberals and civil rights activists are taking the states to court over the disenfranchisement of voters. They are arguing the constitutionality of the […]

Does the Terrorist Threat Trump the Constitution?

Does it matter that Obama now has the power to summarily execute American citizens, if he deems those citizens to be terrorists? Does it matter that he is not obliged to subject such decisions to due process? If you believe that the terrorist threat to America is existential, then you’ll probably feel good that Obama […]

Tea Party Gets the Constitution Wrong

Reprinted with permission from ConsortiumNews. The Tea Partiers love to cite the U.S. Constitution as supporting their contempt for the federal government. But they don’t realize that the Constitution represented the most important assertion of central authority in American history, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry It is now an article of faith in the […]

Obama Continues Bush Practice of Shredding the Constitution

From Chris Hedges, former New York Times Middle East Bureau Chief: “Stopping Gadhafi forces from entering Benghazi six months ago, which I supported, was one thing. Embroiling ourselves in a civil war was another. And to do it Obama blithely shredded the Constitution and bypassed Congress in violation of the War Powers Resolution. Not that […]