This is What Global Warming Looks Like

Excerpts from Common Dreams article: Sizzling Heat, Storms, Wildfires: ‘This Is Just the Beginning’ “This is just the beginning,” warns Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at the Weather Underground, of what life with the impacts of climate change will look like. His message follows a week in which 2000 heat records were matched or broken and […]

Old Growth and Climate Change (Gorgeous Video)

This short (11-minute) video, made by KQED QUEST, is both fascinating and — ironically, considering its serious subject — gorgeous. It follows a team of UC Berekely researchers as they climb up into the crown of a huge old-growth redwood and install monitoring equipment. As the planet warms, will the progressive loss of coastal fog […]

Why is the U.S. Trying to Block Climate Progress in Durban?

Reprinted from Yes! Magazine (December 8, 2011) World leaders are stalling on climate action at the 2011 Climate Summit in Durban, South Africa. What needs to happen to get things moving and make a change before it’s too late? By Jamie Henn The U.N. climate talks desperately need a crisis. For the last 10 days, […]

Citizen-Consciousness vs. Consumer-Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift

Anna Haynes (of NCFocus) put me on to this problem, the problem of how most of us substitute individual consumer choice for collective citizen action, then imagine that we’ve done all we can do to address the great environmental issues of our day. Anna referred me to this excellent essay by Sharon Begley. “On the […]

James Hansen: “The White House & Tar Sands”

Reposted from By James Hansen Tar Sands Action organized a civil disobedience sit–in at The White House to oppose construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline that began on August 20 and will culminate in a big rally on September 3rd. On August 29 I joined 60 religious leaders and other fellow protestors. […]

Bill McKibben Talks About What’s Next in Climate Action

I received this newsletter today from Bill McKibben at Dear Friends— I’m writing this from the lawn in front of the White House. In front of me there’s a sprawling rally underway, with speakers ranging from indigenous elders to the great Canadian writer Naomi Klein. In back of me, another 243 courageous people are […]

Hundreds Arrested in D.C., Including Dr. James Hansen, Protesting Tar Sands Pipeline

Protesters are demanding that President Obama decline to issue a permit for the proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Last week Hillary Clinton’s State Department released a report supporting the pipeline, asserting that it will “present no significant environmental problems.” This report could give President Obama “cover” for […]

Irene, How Bad in NY? Nathan’s in Coney Island Closes!

When I heard that Nathan’s in Coney Island has closed, in preparation for Hurricane Irene, it reminded me of an old quip by Mort Sahl about a science fiction movie called (something like) “The Night That Cantor’s Closed.” Of course, a heavy hurricane in New York — although extremely rare — is not science fiction, […]

Climate Change: It May Be Worse Than We Thought

Kevin Drum, a blogger at Mother Jones, visits his friend, Jeff Park, a geology professor at Yale, and learns about some new work with climate models that suggest it may be worse than we thought, much worse: The model originally concluded that a doubling of CO2 produces a temperature increase just under three degrees Celsius, […]

Don’t Think About Climate Change

Here San Francisco filmmaker Stephen Thomson uses the bitterly sarcastic words of Bill McKibben in his recent op-ed in the Washington Post, to show the connection between this year’s extreme weather events and human-caused climate change. His words are a scathing indictment of climate-change deniers.

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