Are We Dangerously Close to Runaway Global Warming?

One big problem with discussions of climate change is that the facts have become so alarming that it’s tempting to dismiss the mere recitation of them as “alarmist” and “needlessly hyperbolic.” But what if alarm is entirely warranted? What if the shock of alarm is the only force sufficient to rouse us to action? I’m […]

19 ways climate change is now feeding itself

Reprinted under a Creative Commons license from Transition Voice By Guy McPherson This essay updates my earlier effort to tally and describe self-reinforcing feedback loops with respect to climate change. At that time, seven months ago, we had strong evidence of nine such catastrophic phenomena. The nineteen I currently know about are described below. Only the […]

Do We Need An “Empathy Revolution?”

Can an empathy revolution (“outrospection,” a variation on Socrates’ injunction to “know thyself”) help us now as we speed toward so many civilizational tipping points (imminent climate catastrophe, peak fossil fuels, more and bigger economic meltdowns, demise of democracy … )?

Book (“The End of the Long Summer”) Questions Survival of Human Race

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this book review four years ago, and already — compared to more recent works on the same subject — it seems faintly optimistic, despite its dark message questioning man’s ability to survive climate change. This is yet another small indication of how quickly the game is changing. And yet the […]

Climate Change Channel — 24 Hour Live Feed

All day today, this is live Free live streaming by Ustream

Climate science is Nate Silver and U.S. politics is Karl Rove

If climate scientists say that a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit increase in global temperature by the year 2100 would be “catastrophic” — and they do — what word should we use to describe the more likely 10 degree increase? We’re starting to get into actual phrases like “civilization destroying.” The “Nate Silvers of climate science” (the […]

“GOP on Ice” (Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune)

The West in Flames

Reprinted from (July 24, 2012) By William deBuys Dire fire conditions, like the inferno of heat, turbulence, and fuel that recently turned 346 homes in Colorado Springs to ash, are now common in the West. A lethal combination of drought, insect plagues, windstorms, and legions of dead, dying, or stressed-out trees constitute what some pundits are […]

Steroids, Baseball and Climate Change

Here’s a clever 2-minute explanation of why global climate change is the most likely cause of recent record-breaking weather events:

We’re Already Topping Dust Bowl Temperatures — Imagine What’ll Happen If We Fail To Stop 10°F Warming

By Joe Romm on Jul 8, 2012 at 12:30 pm (Reprinted from Climate Progress) This heat wave has broken thousands  of temperature records. Climate Central reported Saturday, “In many cases, records that had stood since the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s have been equaled or exceeded, and this event is likely to go down in history […]

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