California Comeback Due to Conservative Decline?

Paul Krugman has a fascinating op-ed in yesterday’s NY Times. In it, he recounts some of the litany of conservative alarms about liberalism sinking California’s economy. Krugman argues convincingly that the truth is quite the opposite: California’s worst problems over the decades have often been connected to conservative greed and obstructionism (my terms). A dozen years ago, the state was […]

George Will Wrong on California Pension Plans

Editor’s Note: Dean Baker takes George Will to task for misapprehending the cause of California’s budget woes: George Will Never Heard of the Housing Bubble (or Labor Economics) Sunday, 22 May 2011 By Dean Baker Fortunately, his job as a columnist for the Post doesn’t require that he have any knowledge of such things. His […]

California: Is the “Business Climate” a Myth?

From the California Progress Report. by Peter Schrag The tired “business climate” argument that taxes and environmental regulations drive thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs to other states should have been buried ages ago. But in every recession, it rises yet again. Last week’s report from PPIC, the Public Policy Institute of […]

Factory Farm Map

Factory farming, with its “CAFOs” (concentrated animal feeding operations … aka “animal concentration camps”), is the stuff of horror movies. It’s a threat to the environment and a threat to public health. It’s also the basis for our dominant national food system. Watch documentaries like Food Inc (see trailer to the right ->) and you’ll never be the […]

Lake Wildwood Debate on Prop23: John Kabateck v. Steve Frisch

I purchased a DVD (from Channel 95’s Joe Bundy) of the recent Lake Wildwood Clubhouse debates on several of the upcoming propositions. I then extracted the Prop 23 portion and divided it up into four sections, in the order of presentation: John Kabateck (Executive Director of NFIB/California: National Federation of Independent Business), Steve Frisch (of the Sierra Business […]

California’s FPPC Issues New Disclosure Rule on Issue Ads

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) today issued a new ruling “requiring groups that send out campaign messages ‘expressly advocating’ for the election or defeat of a candidate or ballot measure, to disclose who paid for the message.” This changes the game, and makes it more transparent. Previously, certain “magic” words or phrases –such […]

Lake Wildwood Panel Discussion on Propositions Sold Out

I called Amanda Biswell, Recreation Director at Lake Wildwood, and learned that the panel discussion tonight on Propositions 19, 23 and 25 is sold out, so we will not be able to attend, as we had hoped. The discussion will be videotaped and shown on Lake Wildwood’s Channel 95 (I have a call in to […]

Proof that Reducing Carbon Emissions Grows California’s Economy (New Report)

Critics of AB32 are fond of quoting the California Legislative Analysts Office conclusion that the measure would have a marginally negative impact on business activity. The critics, however, consistently fail to mention the LAO’s qualification of that statement in the same report … that this negative impact is expected only “in the near term.” They also […]

Trying to Save California

Stanford Press Release Stanford’s David Kennedy and Silicon Valley investor Noel Perry are launching at a May 27 event in Los Angeles. The website will serve as a nonpartisan clearinghouse for state governance reform issues. By Adam Gorlick David Kennedy built his reputation as a historian at Stanford by looking backward and analyzing the […]