Factory Farm Map

Factory farming, with its “CAFOs” (concentrated animal feeding operations … aka “animal concentration camps”), is the stuff of horror movies. It’s a threat to the environment and a threat to public health. It’s also the basis for our dominant national food system. Watch documentaries like Food Inc (see trailer to the right ->) and you’ll never be the […]

Egg Preference as a Nevada County Political Indicator

We were talking to our waitress at breakfast this morning at a popular Grass Valley restaurant, telling her about an interesting Mother Jones article we’d just read called “Which Organic Egg Brands Are Factory Farms in Disguise?” The article exposes as factory farms a number of brands that we previously thought of as organic and […]

Which Organic Egg Brands Are Factory Farms in Disguise?

Here’s a report by Kiera Butler of Mother Jones, on eggs you might have bought thinking they were organic and range fed. I see some brands in her report that have fooled us in the past. Whenever possible, we buy our eggs from our farmer friends around the corner. We’ve met some of their chickens personally! […]

Farming Was His Life, Until the CAFOs Came

I heard Thom Hartmann interview David Kirby, author of Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment. This could be one of those watershed environmental books, like Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, that appears once every few decades to nudge society onto a new path. We can hope so. […]