Yubanet: Blue Lead Withdraws Appeal

Yubanet today reports that Blue Lead Mine has withdrawn its formal appeal to the Board of Supervisors to overturn the Planning Commission’s denial of vested right to mine. As you may recall, the Planning Commission decided to deny Blue Lead’s application for vested right to mine after hearing significant testimony from the general public in […]

BOS: “We Need to Go Forward With This, Guys, Even Though … “

The most interesting unfinished sentence I’ve heard this year was spoken by Nate Beason at the June 22nd Board of Supervisor’s meeting after asking if anyone would like to second the motion to consider Blue Lead’s appeal of the May 27th Planning Commission decision to deny their application for vested right to mine. After a […]

My Letter to the BOS RE: Blue Lead’s Appeal

The following is the text of my letter today to all five members of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors: Dear Supervisors: I urge you to reject the appeal by Blue Lead Mine LLC asking you to reverse the unanimous May 27th Planning Commission decision to deny them the vested right to mine. By rejecting Blue Lead’s […]

Blue Lead’s Formal Appeal to BOS Contains Incorrect Statements

On June 7th Blue Lead Mine LLC formally appealed to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to reverse the Planning Commission’s May 27th decision denying the vested right to mine. The only reason that this matter dragged on for months before the Planning Commission and is now in consideration on appeal before the Board of Supervisors is that Mr. […]

Truth About Lyle White Undermines Blue Lead’s Appeal to the BOS

We learned today that Blue Lead Mine LLC has formally appealed to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to reverse the May 27th decision by the Planning Commission against the vested right to mine. Blue Lead bases its complete case for vesting on unproven speculations about the activities of Grass Valley historian and Union typesetter, […]

I’m Accused of Missing the Big Picture

I made a few comments this morning behind Russ Steele’s blog posting, “Let’s hope the BOS has more brains and …….. than the Planning Commission.” In my remarks, I defended as rational and fact-based the Planning Commission’s decision two days ago to deny “vested right to mine” to Blue Lead LLC. I made my comments […]

County Planning Commission Denies Vested Rights to Blue Lead

The Nevada County Planning Commission, in a stunning 180 degree reversal over their earlier intention to approve vesting, tonight voted unanimously to deny Blue Lead Mine the vested right to mine. They were no doubt influenced by the new revelation by Dave Comstock that Lyle White, on whom Blue Lead was pinning its hopes for […]

Important Planning Commission Meeting Tomorrow

The Nevada County Planning Commission will meet tomorrow (Thursday, May 27 2010 1:30 PM in the Rood Center Board Room) to make its final decision on the application of Blue Lead Mine for the “vested right to mine.” If the Commission decides in favor of Blue Lead, it is very likely that the decision will […]

(Graphic) History of Events Pertaining to Blue Lead Property

Here’s an excellent graphic “history of events pertaining to the Blue Lead Property,” prepared by the Nevada County Planning Commission staff and posted two days ago to the public Docushare online directory. This graphic clearly shows that the current owner has not met his burden of proof that Blue Lead Mine acquired a “vested right […]

Do the Property Rights of Blue Lead’s Neighbors Matter?

Tom Brown, neighbor of Blue Lead Mine, sent a new letter to the members of the Nevada County Planning Commission two days ago in anticipation of their meeting this Thursday the 27th to further consider Blue Lead owner Robert White’s application for vested right to mine: Mr. Brown’s letter included this comment about his own […]

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