Newsflash! GOP Defends the Status Quo (Attacks Elizabeth Warren)

Joe Nocero has an excellent article (“An Advocate Who Scares Republicans“) in yesterday’s New York Times, describing how House Republicans recently grilled Elizabeth Warren over her role in the new agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Republicans are terrified that she will be successful. Who are they working for? Nocero explains: The piñata sat alone […]

Not Exactly Pitchforks … Yet!

From the streets of Madison to the banks and Congresional offices of Washington, D.C., middle class Americans — as if waking after a long sleep — are increasingly willing to express their anger in constructive political action. Yesterday we saw this in the occupation of a branch of the Bank of America in Washington, D.C, […]

What Obama Should Have Done Instead of Feeding the Fat-Cats

James Galbraith, economics professor at UT Austin, writing in new deal 2.0, gives the most succinct critique I’ve read yet of how Obama blew it. Here are a couple of choice excerpts: “One cannot defend the actions of Team Obama on taking office. Law, policy and politics all pointed in one direction: turn the systemically […]

“Most Major Banks Are Insolvent”

President Obama several days ago vetoed a bill that had passed the Senate unanimously and without debate. What was this bill that won such bipartisan support? It was called “The Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010,” and was apparently designed to help banks enforce foreclosures even when their paperwork establishing the “chain of title” […]

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