Too-Big-to-Jail Policy Corrupts the Rule of Law for Everyone

Here Bill Moyers interviews Matt Taibbi on the way that the Obama administration’s Too-Big-to-Jail policy has corrupted the rule of law in our entire society. Taibbi believes that the most insidious consequence of this policy is the creation of a two-tiered society consisting of non-arrestables (the banksters) and arrestables (the rest of us). MATT TAIBBI: […]

Popular Blogger Scoops Press on Continuing Betrayal of Foreclosed Homeowners and Orchestrated Coverup by Federal Officials, Bank of America

Yves Smith, founder of the extremely popular economics blog, Naked Capitalism, today published major new installments in her ongoing investigative report on the “foreclosure review process which was set forth in consent orders issued in April 2010.” Her report is entitled, “Bank of America Foreclosure Reviews: Whistleblowers Reveal Extensive Borrower Harm and Orchestrated Coverup.” Here’s […]

Infographic | The LIBOR $candal Explained – The Largest Banking Scandal In History

Matt Taibbi: “Banks Sold Oregano as High Grade Weed”

In this 5-minute video, journalist Matt Taibbi talks to Occupy Wall Street and explains how the mortgage-backed security scam works.

Mortgage Settlement Is Like “Giving Banks a Parking Ticket for a Felony Offense”

Here Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now interview Yves Smith of the popular Naked Capitalism blog about the Obama administration’s announced settlement with mortgage lenders. Yves Smith has been one of the most prominent critics of this settlement (see her “The Top Twelve Reasons Why You Should Hate the Mortgage Settlement” and “Mortgage […]

Why Does Obama Support Wall Street, Not Democracy in Greece?

In an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, Michael Hudson, distinguished research professor of economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, explains why President Obama and Tim Geithner are pressuring Europeans to impose “debt peonage” on Greece: MICHAEL HUDSON: The reason there have been all of these demonstrations [in Greece] is the same […]

Occupy the Banks: Strategies for Transformation

Reprinted from Yes! Magazine (October 28, 2011) By Gar Alperovitz Beyond revolution and reform: Gar Alperovitz on how we can fundamentally transform our financial system. The “occupations” now building around the country are a necessary and justified response to the outrages of a political-economic system that substitutes posturing for decision-making, looking the other way as the […]

Current Crisis “70 Times Larger” Than S&L Fraud of the 1980s

Here’s William K. Black, one of the regulators who helped convict nearly one thousand perps in the S&L meltdown of the 1980s and author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One,” speaking about the current crisis and how to deal with it (about 4 minutes):

Words You’ll Never Hear a Politician Speak, But Should

In the fascinating brief video below, William K. Black, lawyer, academic, former bank regulator and author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One,” speaks with blistering clarity about what needs to be done (that is currently not being done) to prevent the next financial meltdown. As a close observer of the […]

Inside the Wall Street Protests: An Eyewitness Account of Police Crackdown on Peaceful Demonstrators

Reprinted from Alternet (September 25, 2011) By J.A. Myerson Protesters from the week-old “occupation” in New York’s financial district were arrested, penned up, and Maced on Saturday when the NYPD showed up to their march. Deep in the belly of the beast, among the financial district’s skyscrapers, next to derivatives traders in business suits and […]

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