APPLE-a-Day Party at the APPLE Center, May 4th, 6:30 PM

April 28, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APPLE Center for Sustainable Living 412 Commercial Street, Nevada City CA 95959 530.478.1700 “APPLE a Day” Fundraising Gathering, Wednesday May 4th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM Please join us at the “APPLE a Day” Gathering, a fundraiser for the APPLE Center. This is your opportunity to: Meet local trailblazers in […]

APPLE’s 2010 Year-End Community Potluck

A.P.P.L.E. (Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy) is having its annual year-end community potluck this Thursday evening at the Unitarian Chapel on Church Street in Grass Valley. “Help the fight against Cabin Fever: Join us for APPLE-NC’s 2010 year-end potluck! Engage with other like-minded community members. Network and share your ideas about the intelligent responses […]

300 Years of Fossil-Fueled Addiction in 5 Minutes

Here’s a nice little animated history of fossil fuels (below, about 5 minutes long), produced by the Post Carbon Institute. I recognize the voice of Richard Heinberg as the narrator, so you can be sure the technical presentation is reliable. But Jonathan Hiskes, writing about this video in Grist, complains that it lacks advice on […]

“Past Peak Oil, Travelling Towards Transition”

Anita Sanchez is an environmentalist and a “designer of visions” (my phrase, not hers). She creates what she calls “eco animations.” The following short animation (see video below) superimposes a piece of the history of industrialization on the likely peak oil timeline (where peak occurs at least by mid 21st century). The beauty of her […]

Come to the A.P.P.L.E. 1-Year Anniversary Party!

Fresh (the movie)

I’m often surprised when something — music, or a movie —  unexpectedly brings me to tears. This happened today while I was watching — of all things — the trailer for a documentary called Fresh. Although “tears” would be an exaggeration. Damp eyes is more like it. I felt that unexpected billowing of joy. I’m […]

APPLE Sustainability Center: Fall Discussion Series


More Signs That Peak Oil Thinking Has Become Mainstream

A new report, produced jointly by Lloyd’s of London and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chatham House), concludes that “we are heading towards a global oil supply crunch and price spike … companies which are able to plan for and take advantage of this new energy reality will increase both their resilience and competitiveness. […]

APPLE: Peak Oil in 30 Minutes Flat

Download a PDF (724kB – 32 slides) of the presentation by clicking the image below. Not included in the PDF, but shown here below it, is a seven minute video clip from “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”. We show the video clip as a part of the presentation – it’s one […]

New Sustainability Center Opens in Our Neighborhood

OK, so I’m stretching the word “neighborhood” to reach down the hill to U.C. Davis, which yesterday launched a new sustainability webpage, according to a press release. The new webpage already contains a rich set of resources and research reports on such subjects as energy, climate, food, transportation, waste, agriculture, water, business, etc., suggesting that […]

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