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What a Totally Honest Politician Would Say

Canonball from “Mythbusters” Show Crashes Through House in Dublin, California


Yeow! Boys will be boys!

I can’t wait to see this episode.

Mythbusters shattered more than myths this time (think walls, a roof, a minivan … ):

… the popular Discovery Channel show intended to fire the 6-inch steel cannonball to test its velocity. It aimed the projectile at huge containers of water meant to absorb the impact on the grounds of the sheriff’s bomb disposal range.

But the ball somehow missed its mark, took an unforeseen bounce off a safety berm and barreled into the quiet Tassajara Creek neighborhood of Dublin about 4 p.m. Tuesday.

That’s where the projectile turned into a suburban pinball, bouncing off a sidewalk, blasting through a front door, barreling up some stairs and careening through a bedroom where a man, woman and child were reportedly sleeping.

The cannonball then punched through the home’s exterior stucco wall, sailed across a six-lane thoroughfare, ricocheted off the roof of another home and finally crashed through the window of a parked, empty Toyota Sienna minivan, where it came to rest.

Read the full article from the New York Daily News: Cannonball from ‘Mythbusters’ show crashes through Calif. home & lands in minivan.”

Here’s a local ABC News report:

Occupy Sesame Street

There’s no corner of our civic life — even the wee corner of Main Street and Sesame Street — that’s unaffected by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

From http://www.tauntr.com/blog/occupy-sesame-street-gets-violent

From http://www.tauntr.com/blog/occupy-sesame-street-gets-violent

And here’s an “Occupy Sesame Street” Halloween “costume:”

Carousel Horse Race (The Bunny Wins!)

A sample of the pure joy of Improv Everywhere.

Scientists Discover the Reason For Sex

My favorite sentence in the following interesting article is this:

“The coevolutionary struggle between hosts and their parasites could explain the existence of males.”

Finally! I now have an explanation for the vexing puzzle of my very existence, which has kept me awake … well … not at all.

Cross-fertilisation helps creatures stay a step ahead in the continuous “arms race” with parasites, which are forever evolving to try and infect them.

“Biologists have described the situation as “Running with the Red Queen” in reference to the character in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, who tells Alice: “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”

“Despite the popularity of the theory, there has until now been little solid evidence to support it.

“But experts at the University of Indiana may have provided the best evidence yet after engineering two types of worms, some which could only reproduce by mating with each other and some could only clone themselves.”

Read full article: “Scientists discover the point of sex

Or, you might want to consider the following theory:

If You Still Have a Student Loan Balance, You Probably Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Underwear

Colbert Re-Enacts Palin’s Hilarious Version of Paul Revere’s Ride

Dont’cha love how — when Palin is confronted with the nonsensical nature of her own words — she doubles down! (That’s why she’ll never be president … except in Idiot America).

Check out her reply to Chris Wallace in this hilarious Colbert video:

Gas-Powered Cell phones, Hairdryers, PCs?

Editor’s Note: This Nissan LEAF commercial seems to be going viral. You’ll see why.

Plato’s Parable of the Cat (Not in the Hat)

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