I Fine Myself $2 for Using The T-Word

Trump_SleepingI fined myself $2 this morning for using the T-word twice before I finished discussing Kelly Ann Conway’s argument with Chuck Todd yesterday, during which she tried to redefine the Administration’s lies as “alternative facts.” She was responding to Todd’s reference to them as “falsehoods.” (The fines accumulating in our T-Jar will eventually get donated to an organization doing good work, preferably an organization that launches lawsuits, such as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, the ACLU or the NRDC).

“Alternative facts?” Did T call a cabinet meeting in order to come up with that laughable euphemism? Doesn’t the President have more pressing matters to concern himself with than his image? I think we all know the answer to that.

I’ve never seen T look more strained and stressed out, more besieged. It occurs to me that the ultimate torture for an obsessive compulsive narcissist like T is to be President of the United States with an unfavorability rating of 53% (net negative favorability), an historically aroused populace and an abused media growing more hostile to him by the hour.
The amount of ridicule coming at T is worse than the torture implied by Johnny Carson’s old gag: “Mmmmmay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.”
No wonder he looks strained.
And this only the beginning.
Only day three.

Darth Trump

Weirdly true-to-life in its depiction of a self-absorbed Vader … hilarious! And of course the contrast between the expected Darth Vader basso voice and Trump’s unmistakable weeny voice adds to the hilarity.

Best Headline in Today’s Union

Best headline in today’s Union:

“Nevada City woman arrested for stealing friend’s car, evading police under the influence”

I don’t steal cars, but I agree that it’s best to avoid drunk cops.

This Little Light of Mine … I’m Gonna Let It Shine

I was in the Booksellers bookstore in Grass Valley recently and one of the clerks pointed at my pants and asked “What’s that?” I looked down and saw that the little flashlight attached to my keychain inside my pocket had accidentally switched on and was shining a light right through my pants. Without hesitation, I answered, “This little light of mine … I’m gonna let it shine!”

Which of course made me think of this wonderful opening scene — one of my all-time favorites — from the Tina Turner biopic, “What’s Love Got to Do With it?”

Daily Show’s John Oliver On The Idiocy That is Florida


Today’s Best Headline: “Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers”


      “Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers



“Young women dressed in fake fur were seen chasing doughty nationalist supporters down London’s Whitehall as a large number of security forces in iridescent jackets looked on from police lines.”

Smarty Pants Dance

This is what I call great parenting (not just for the teaching, nor just for the praise, but for instinctively knowing that combining praise and teaching work powerfully in a young child).

Besides … it’s really funny and endearing.

Winston Churchill on How to Deal With Right-Wing Bloggers

“GOP on Ice” (Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune)

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune, Nov 7, 2012

“Eye Of The Sparrow” — A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

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