Israel and Palestine, an Animated Introduction

Good, historically accurate introduction to the Israel/Palestine conflict, in the form of a short (6+ minute) video, from Jewish Voice for Peace.


More Resources:

Additional Primers:

Click here to read JVP Advisory Board member Aurora Levins Morales’ article “Latinos, Israel and Palestine: Understanding Anti-Semitism.”

Click here to download ICAHD”s primer, “Counter-Rhetoric: Challenging conventional wisdom & reframing the conflict” by Jeff Halper, Jimmy Johnson, and Emily Schaeffer.

Click here to download MERIP’s primer, “Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict” by Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar.

Click here to read Phyllis Bennis’s primer, “Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.”

Click here to download Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc’s) “Truth Against Truth.”


Incredible Time-Lapse Video of Severe Thunderstorms

“Feb. 19, 2014—The menacing, magnificent storm clouds of Wyoming come to swirling life in this time-lapse, ‘Stormscapes,’ by photographer Nicolaus Wegner. He braved lightning and the erratic fury of supercell storms to capture these images in the summer of 2013.” (National Geographic).

Gasland Update: “Video of the Week”

Here’s Josh Fox’s latest update on Gasland. He lays out some more evidence for — among other things — the connection between fracking and the pollution of wells.

The Shadow Universe (Short Video)

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The Time for the Wolf Creek Parkway is Now

By Don Pelton

Bruce Herring  is the Parkway Steward for the Wolf Creek Community Alliance [Full disclosure: I'm a board member of the WCCA]. Here’s how we described his work in our most recent newsletter:

Just months after his retirement as Principal of Bitney Springs Preparatory Bruce_HerringHigh School, Bruce Herring stepped forward to lead the effort toward realizing the Wolf Creek Parkway. This non-motorized, multi-use trail along parts of Wolf Creek as it flows through Grass Valley is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. Once implemented, it would be both an aesthetic and an economic benefit for Grass Valley. [Bold my emphasis]

Recognizing that the Parkway will require the efforts of many and a major financial investment, Bruce has begun the process of organizing a steering committee of stakeholders and building community support for the work ahead.

Thanks to Bruce’s energy and passion, you will soon be hearing more about the Wolf Creek Parkway.

Just as Wolf Creek is hidden beneath the town (it flows under the Holiday Inn parking lot and emerges a couple of blocks later behind Safeway), the economic benefits of the Parkway are too often hidden from the consciousness of town leaders. Bruce is determined to change that.

Here are the two sides of a rack card Bruce created, describing the proposed Wolf Creek Parkway, the conceptual plan for which was approved by the Grass Valley City Council in 2006. The card is currently on display at the Wolf Creek Table in the lobby of the Center for the Arts during the entire month of June.




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