Op-Ed | Mike Pasner: Poison in the Water?

By Mike Pasner PENN VALLEY, Calif. June 26, 2017 – NID is registered with Nevada County agricultural department for use of 23 chemicals. That is 216.18 pounds and 4,665.01 gallons of materials in 2016. Since there are 62 delivery points, I am worried that the concentration at these delivery points is toxic to livestock, fish and […]

America Last: Will Trump Set a Record for the History Books?

By Tom Engelhardt Reprinted from TomDispatch.com In its own inside-out, upside-down way, it’s almost wondrous to behold. As befits our president’s wildest dreams, it may even prove to be a record for the ages, one for the history books. He was, after all, the candidate who sensed it first.  When those he was running against, […]

In Praise of Warriors, Not War

Editor’s Note: I reprint this essay every Memorial Day. I sometimes feel that I should write something new each year for this special day that Americans celebrate so gleefully. But there are few human customs more perennial and more celebrated than war. The best and the worst of it are nothing new. By Don Pelton […]

Democrats – Lemmings in Search of a Cliff: Why You Shouldn’t Bet the Ranch on 2018

by John Atcheson                   Republicans should be on the run.  Trumpcare is toxic, the White House stumbles from disaster to disaster, Trump’s budget is a giant slap in the face to the people who voted for him, and Russiagate just gets worse and worse. But Democrats—rather than catching […]

Help Fiber Come to Your Neighborhood By Taking A Simple Survey

By Don Pelton If you are interested in Spiral Internet’s fiber deployment and — like me — you are in the “Comcast Challenged” zone, take the following survey: https://spiral.servicezones.net/ServiceAreaA/ComcastChallenged In this zone, Comcast claims that residents are already well served by them, so the Calif Public Utilities Commission has made this zone off limits for Spiral’s fiber […]

Steve Frisch: “It’s Time to Kill This Tired Old Cliche That Government Should Run Like a Business”

By SteveFrisch Editor’s Note: Steve Frisch offered the following comments on his Facebook page in response to the article linked below, about Trump’s appointment of his son-in-law Jared Kushner to a “swat team to fix government with business ideas” So I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to create an office to advance innovation in […]

Yubanet to Livestream NID Board Meeting Wed 3/21/17 9 AM

From Yubanet today: “GRASS VALLEY, Calif. March 22, 2017 – Live streaming of the NID Board of Directors meeting starting at 9:00 am on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. “YubaNet will livestream the meeting for NID constituents who cannot attend the meeting since the Board of Directors declined to make video or live broadcast available. “Many […]

Doug LaMalfa Listens Politely to Nevada County

I notice that quite a few people did what we did: we watched Yubanet’s video while listening to KVMR’s audio stream, because the rough acoustics in the auditorium created a lot of distortion in Yubanet’s mic. I’m happy that Yubanet managed to do video coverage at all. This bodes well for the future. If they’d had […]

Making America Mediocre Again

As conditions in the U.S. deteriorate, the world will continue to suffer the consequences of U.S. military force — but without the mitigating influences of U.S. foreign aid and diplomacy.   By John Feffer, March 1, 2017 Reprinted from Foreign Policy In Focus under Creative Commons Attribution License   The first signs of decline are […]

The Other Right-Wing Tidal Wave Sweeping America: Federal and State Preemption of Local Progressive Laws

Preemption allows corporations to boost their profits by suppressing local government power, community groups and citizens. By Don Hazen, Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet Last week, the National League of Cities released a report tracking an outbreak of state laws stepping on and nullifying local progressive laws and policies across the country. The picture it paints […]

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