Is there a bigger scandal beneath the Sanders/DNC Scandal?

If you’ve been following the DNC broken firewall scandal(*) of yesterday with an open mind, here’s a question that should interest you: Why didn’t the DNC fix the software problem when it was first reported to them by the Sanders campaign itself back in October? Is this just a case of incompetence, or did someone have something to gain by keeping the firewall weak? (Remember: the Sanders campaign suspected that their own private data had been accessed at that time).

And here’s a related question: If the Sanders campaign intended to make illicit use of this broken firewall, why did it come forth itself and report the problem again yesterday? Or for that matter in October in the first place? If there’s some sort of malfeasance in this case, where is it likely to reside? And finally, has the real scandal yet been fully revealed?

Perhaps all these questions have completely banal answers, but in our political house of mirrors it’s often difficult to recognize the real Occam and his razor.


* Note: The “scandal” erupted yesterday, whereas the real problem — the firewall bug and the DNC’s failure to fix it — goes back months, if not years.

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One Response to “Is there a bigger scandal beneath the Sanders/DNC Scandal?”
  1. RickD says:

    Good to see the site active again, Depleton. Hope your holidays were heartwarming and spent with family and friends.

    It does give one pause to wonder at the failure of the DNC to address a known software glitch, or to hire outside contractors and leave them unsupervised. It is tempting to think this a ploy to favor the candidacy of Clinton but proof positive is lacking.

    One might think, when noting the popularity of Trump, that the voters are looking for alternatives to the status quo candidates, which Sanders certainly represents and Clinton certainly does not.

    P.S. any reason comments are closed in sevral important articles?

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