Sign the Petition Opposing the State of Jefferson

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2 Responses to “Sign the Petition Opposing the State of Jefferson”
  1. RickD says:

    Much ado about nothing I think. This movement has been around since the 1940’s and includes part of Oregon as well as Northern California in its concept for secession from policies it finds distasteful. I personally think it a quaint remnant of our states history and , even though some of its reasoning is actually quite factual its goal is unrealistic and impossible.

    Now, if you want to protest MoveOn as an organisation founded by bored internet zillionaires who enjoy being seen as political superstars and love mingling with the politicians who run this nation while doing pretty much nothing of importance then I am with you.

  2. depelton says:

    Yeah, much ado about nothing. But our Nevada County Board of Supervisors is wasting their time and ours by allowing a presentation by pro-SOJ folks in early May. So, in our case it’s some ado about nothing. I’d prefer that our local “leaders” spend their time more productively than wasting it on this nonsense.

    I’ve been reading about the history of the idea of the State of Jefferson. Some attempts were made to form a secessionist state in that area as early as 1852 when a bill was introduced — and ultimately defeated — in the California State Legislature at Vallejo (long before the name “Jefferson” was chosen).

    The State of Jefferson Great Seal — developed much later, in the mid 1930s — is interesting, incorporating double X’s, signifying a “double-cross” committed by both Salem and Sacramento polticians. So, from its inception through our current time, the State of Jefferson has been driven by resentment!

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