Maureen O’Hara

By Don Pelton

As a pre-teen pre-pubescent sprite I was in love with actress Maureen O’Hara. It’s still a mystery to me. Maybe due to the effect of movies in the 1940s, I was in love with lots of things in movie theaters, including the tall brunette usherette at the Saturday matinee, and the Abba Zaba bars sold at the candy counter (oh man, peanut butter and taffy!).

It was probably the same mystery that impelled me to love the movie, “The Quiet Man,” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. I particularly loved the scene where Wayne drags O’Hara by her hair across the beautiful Irish countryside.

The whole fantasy burst for good years later when I eagerly showed my new bride (a mostly Irish lass herself!) this most wonderful of all movies and she laughed and mocked the absurdity of the crucial hair-dragging scene!

Losing that fantasy was all for the good, but now, more than sixty years later, I still feel the faint tug of … Maureen O’Hara.

Screen Siren Maureen O’Hara to Receive an Honorary Oscar


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