Don’t Dan Miller Nevada County

By Mike Pasner

The united voice of our 5 County Supervisors is what represents all of us.

Dan Miller got a special variance to increase density around our County’s airport. Federal aviation standards want very few homes near airports. Dan knows better? Miller is in the pocket of the Nevada County Contractors Association, heavy industry and large developers.

At the League of Women Voters forum Miller said “I’m not up to speed on local mine issues”. What’s up with that? As a G.V. City Council member he has been sitting judgment on the Idaho Maryland Mine project for 8 years. Mining is an important, current issue.

Terry Lamphier will continue to be the representative of balanced community values! He’ll help keep the Empire Mine State Park open.

Terry is for keeping our county’s small towns, beautiful, ecologically sound and financially viable.

Lamphier is asking all the right questions as mines try to reopen in our county. Asking all the right questions is the best reason to re-elect a supervisor. Terry is honest, sincerely listens to all sides, and is well informed on the issues.

I’ll take the smart supervisor please!

Yes to Terry Lamphier for district 3 Supervisor.



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