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One Response to “KEYSTONE PipeLIES Exposed”
  1. RickD says:

    The oil and gas industry lies? I am shocked I tell you, just shocked! While the information given here is important, and the process by which the extraction of ever dwindling and more difficult to obtain oil reserves is certainly ever more destructive to air, land and water there are certainly a broad range of fronts to this “war”.

    One such is the blatant collusion with the oil industry demonstrated by our elected officials. another is the fact that, while we in the US will bear the brunt of the potential damage, the oil transmitted by the pipeline will go primarily to China and will not even be used by us. A third is that, despite the destructive nature of the extraction and use of oil, as well as the dwindling amount of oil in reserve, we see only token research into alternative sources of energy.

    I do take heart in one seeming fact; this issue is bringing people together in common cause and may very well be a major factor in the restoration of our governments responsibility to we the people instead of we the corporation.

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