Susannah McCorkle

How could I have done this?

How could I have completely missed Susannah McCorkle, an amazing American jazz singer who lived out her entire sad life and career and died much too soon at age 55 in 2001, before I even became aware of her existence this morning on a Terry Gross episode of Fresh Air.

McCorkle was a linguist, a novelist, a breast-cancer survivor, a short-story author and a singer with an exquisite. gorgeous. sultry. voice.

A genius.

She died by stepping off into the air … from the balcony of her 16th-floor apartment on West 86th Street in Manhattan.

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One Response to “Susannah McCorkle”
  1. RickD says:

    What a terrible waste, to end a life like that.

    On a lighter note I too listen to Fresh Air, almost religiously. Ms. Gross is the very best interviewer extant in my own opinion.

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