PBS Documentary Looks at Right-Wing Promotion of Ignorance Through Textbooks

Texas textbooks determine what children learn nationwide.

“I believe that dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark … somebody’s got to stand up to these experts.” (Don McElroy, former member of the Texas State Board of Education).

Watch “The Revisionaries,” on PBS tomorrow night, January 28th:

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One Response to “PBS Documentary Looks at Right-Wing Promotion of Ignorance Through Textbooks”
  1. RickD says:

    There is a battle underway in this nation, and most are unaware of its existence. First we saw an escalation of the cost of elections, favoring the corporate donors power over legislation. Then came the consolidation of the news media, limiting what the public was told and destroying the essential need of any democracy; the dissemination of truth. The destruction of the education system is a natural progression and no one should be shocked by it.

    What is shocking is the silence about most of the above.

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