Heidi Hall Announces 2014 Campaign for California’s Congressional District 01

Just a couple of weeks after Doug LaMalfa’s victory over Jim Reed for California’s Congressional District 1, Grass Valley resident Heidi Hall today announced her 2014 campaign for that seat.

Here in part is how Heidi explains her decision to enter the race:

In 2005, after spending many happy childhood summers and vacations in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I moved permanently to Grass Valley where I finished raising my boys. I have spent my life working to keep our water and air clean, and to create a healthy world for my children and their generation, volunteering in various organizations along the way.

I grew up with enough. Not wealth and privilege, but enough. Fortunately, I was able to fill my thirst for education about our world with an excellent education at a top rate college and university, thanks to both my own hard work and the generosity of low-interest government loans. As I built a career, got married and raised two sons, I also paid back every dime of those loans, making the last payment ten years after I graduated. This was a winning situation for me, my family, my community and our country. My oldest son chose to join the Army after he graduated from high school, and today is back in civilian life working 6 days a week to support his loved ones. My youngest son is a senior in high school. It is not easier for my children to step out into the world today; it is harder. That is not how it is supposed to be.

As my children are grown, I have watched this country veer from a land of opportunity towards a country of greed, inequality and dysfunction, leaving women, children, local communities, and our own environment last on a long list of items to be protected. We have engaged in binge spending on the military, corporate handouts, and bank rescues. The 2012 election has shown that there are a great deal of ordinary Americans who do not care for this change and want economic stability, equality of opportunity, and an ethic of helping the disadvantaged to be restored. We also want a well-run, right-sized government, and we do not want it involved in the personal health and relationship choices we make as adults.

I am stepping into the arena today, as a working woman and mother, to stand up and use my voice to move this country forward, not backward.

See Heidi’s campaign website here: “Heidi Hall for US Congress” (in progress, check back soon for donate function).

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