The Little Bedtime Story of Mitch McConnell’s Top Political Priority and How It Worked Out for Him (and Us)

Here (below) is a 7-minute video recap of the GOP’s strategy after Obama was elected.

You yourself — having just lived through the 2012 presidential election — can supply the ending to this little bedtime story, which admittedly has a distinct liberal bias (in the same way that reality has a liberal bias).

Some of us read this story of earnestness and betrayal as sad but having a happy 2012 ending.

But many others see it differently and feel that the ending is quite melancholy. They should read it as a kind of morality tale, and search their own souls for the obvious answer to “what went wrong.” The lessons of most bedtime stories are obvious, and this story is no different. But many who should get it won’t get it, and are likely to double-down and keep following their losing strategy that also imposes losses on the rest of us (because we really are all in the same boat after all).

But don’t despair. Despite their recent pernicious influence on all of us, those who are likely to learn nothing from the story are happily fated to dwindle in numbers until they just don’t matter anymore.

Because it’s all about demographics and values.

Watch, reflect and enjoy.

Or … not.

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