Democracy May Be Coming to a Town Near You

John Nichols, writing in the (Madison, Wisconsin) Cap Times, calls the recent Move-to-Amend resolutions passed by 64 Vermont towns “a clarion call for renewal of democracy.”

Soon enough, we’ll have a chance to push this issue here in Nevada County.

Nichols explains:

Inspired by the success of the Vermont initiative, the Democracy Is for People Campaign is now launching the Resolutions Week project, which will encourage communities across the country to follow Vermont’s lead. The goal is to get as many local pro-amendment resolutions as possible passed in the second week of June. “Already,” organizers say, “more than 500 Public Citizen activists in 300 cities and towns have signed up to help pass resolutions in their towns.”

Public Citizen is coordinating the Resolutions Week campaign with national groups, such as the Communications Workers of America, U.S. PIRG, the Main Street Alliance, the Move to Amend coalition and People for the American Way, as well as state-based partners.

Stay tuned …

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3 Responses to “Democracy May Be Coming to a Town Near You”
  1. timothy price says:

    Real people for real democracy
    With more than 60 initiatives to overturn the Citizens United ruling, Vermont’s towns sound a clarion call for renewal of democracy.
    By John Nichols

    It may be truth that this has been a bipartisan effort, however, the political parties, at least the Democratic Party Committee that I have been associated with, failed to support my efforts to get endorsement for the resolution on town ballots in my county. in my opinion, both political parties are absolutely criminal syndicated organizations that participate in 9/11 coverups, fail to expose the Federal Reserve scam of debt-based monetary system that is moving all the wealth to the 1%, etc.. The Occupy people are reluctant to join the “corrupt” parties, yet if they did, individually, join their town party committee, they could occupy the parties and a more pure, representative democracy would immediately be effected. Come-on people, get off your butts and adapt existing systems to our cause for a free society. Occupy the parties.

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