Does the Terrorist Threat Trump the Constitution?

Does it matter that Obama now has the power to summarily execute American citizens, if he deems those citizens to be terrorists? Does it matter that he is not obliged to subject such decisions to due process?

If you believe that the terrorist threat to America is existential, then you’ll probably feel good that Obama has that power, and you’ll want to skip the video below, in which (conservative) Bruce Fein and (liberal?) Ralph Nader give scathing critiques of both Bush and Obama’s assault on the Constitution. The point of this video will be lost on you. You will be incapable of understanding it. You won’t understand that by frightening us into shredding our own Constitution, the terrorists have succeeded in their deepest goal. But possibly you’ll enjoy the illusion that you are safer.

If, on the other hand, you believe that the presidential oath to faithfully preserve and protect the Constitution does matter, and matters more than the terrorist threat, then you’ll probably appreciate these two speeches given at the Harvard Law School.

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One Response to “Does the Terrorist Threat Trump the Constitution?”
  1. Ryan Mount says:

    No, the threat doesn’t trump the Constitution. The Executive Branch for decades now has had way too much power, IMO. But it’s not like past Presidents have raised their hand and said, “make me King now.” This shift in power has been enabled by the Congress’ acquiescence. The courts are the last defense.

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