“A Universe from Nothing”

Richard Dawkins calls Lawrence Krauss “the Woody Allen of cosmology.”

Here’s a video of Krauss talking about how the Universe emerged out of nothing, and how abundant nothing really is.

This video is long (over and hour) and challenging, especially if you are attached to a traditional religious viewpoint. I watched it because I was curious to know why over a million people (1,080,352 to be exact) would watch one YouTube video. I’m glad I did, because I was totally entranced by the portions of it I actually understood.

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4 Responses to ““A Universe from Nothing””
  1. depelton says:

    One great Krauss quote: “”The universe is huge and old and rare things happen all the time.”

    He says that the empty space inside a proton accounts for more than half of its mass.

    He says that the most poetic thing he has ever heard about the Universe is this: every atom in your body was created in the thermonuclear furnace of stars. You are made of star stuff.

  2. depelton says:

    From an Amazon reader review:

    “Dr. Krauss points out that these “light” elements are the only elements that could have been produced in the course of the Big Bang and the subsequent expansion and cooling of the Universe. ALL of the heavier elements–carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, and so on, in other words the things that make US–could only have been produced later by the atomic effects of exploding stars. These are the Supernovas, the result of giant stars burning through their hydrogen fuel and dying in a cataclysmic explosion of radiation and newly formed heavy elements. As he puts it somewhat poetically, our own Milky Way Galaxy has seen more than two hundred million of these supernovas since forming billions of years ago. The matter formed by these explosions became the matter that then formed our planet and then us. The atoms in your left hand most certainly came from a different star than the atoms in your right hand. We are all stardust!”

  3. Udaybhanu Chitrakar says:

    God is said to be one and He is also said to be spaceless, timeless, changeless, immortal and all-pervading. With the help of special theory of relativity all the last five properties of God can be very nicely explained. When we find that science can explain God, why shall we have to think that God is non-existent? If God is non-existent, then why has science explained Him? Is it the job of science to explain a non-existent entity like God? So either that particular science is faulty that can explain God, or if that particular science is not faulty, then God is not non-existent.

    When we say that God does not exist, we are also saying that there is no one in this universe about whom it can be said that he is immortal. If there is no immortal being in this universe, then the concept of immortality is an imaginary concept. If we say about someone that he is immortal, then that statement will be a false statement. But if we say about the same person that he is mortal, then that statement will be a true statement. This is because we do not believe that concept of immortality is a real concept, but we do know that concept of mortality is a real concept, because we know that every living being is mortal. Now science is supposed to deal with something that is real, and not with something that is imaginary. If the concept of immortality is really an imaginary concept, then science is not at all supposed to deal with that concept. But if we find that concept of immortality is scientifically explicable, then we are definitely in a dilemma. Science has shown how time can become unreal. It can logically be shown that a timeless being is a deathless, immortal being. Death is some sort of change. I am alive at this moment. At the very next moment I may die. But in a timeless world this very next moment will never come. So a timeless being can never die. Thus science while showing as to how time can become unreal has also shown how one can become immortal. So concept of immortality is a scientific concept, because it is scientifically explicable. But if it is a scientific concept, then it cannot be an imaginary concept, rather it is a real concept, because science is always supposed to deal with something that is real. But concept of immortality is a real concept means there is an immortal being in this universe.

    So efforts of scientists like Stephen Hawking or Lawrence M Krauss to demolish God are futile so long as special theory of relativity will remain intact.

  4. Udaybhanu Chitrakar says:

    Phenomenon of quantum entanglement fully supports our belief that there is a God who is spaceless, timeless and all-pervading. The link is here:

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