Goodbye to The Union.

January 17, 2012 (4:28 AM)

Today much of the online content of The Union has gone behind a paywall, even yesterday’s news and op-eds (although I notice that the publisher’s editorial from yesterday is still available online in full for free).

Because I’ve stopped reading The Union regularly anyway, I’ll be one of those who will pass on this new opportunity to pay for online content.

I’ll still buy a hardcopy from time-to-time when we go out to breakfast, another ritual we enjoy less often these days as the budget gets tighter (maybe The Union should have a special discount for seniors in these hard times?).

By the way, most of the local restaurants where we have breakfast — like South Pine and TJs — have a couple of copies of The Union lying about for diners to peruse while they eat.

The free market is a wonderful thing to behold.

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