Why Didn’t Right-Wing Cheating Work in Ohio?

The right-wing used its traditional tried-and-true methods of cheating in yesterday’s election in Ohio (voting restrictions, deceptive ads, misleading instructions, etc.) and still they lost.

They lost big.

What gives?

Could it be that people are waking up?

Early voting was shut down by fiat on Friday, even though early voting traditionally runs through Sunday. Robo-calls by an Iowa-based Republican group targeted Ohio Democrats announcing the wrong day for the vote. Racially-charged flyers were distributed by a Virginia group led by Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz. And an organization funded in part by billionaire David Koch’s Americans For Prosperity even ran ads with deceptively-edited video of a pro-labor advocate designed to make it look like she supported Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, the law that would have virtually ended collective bargaining for public employees. But none of it worked.

Read Adele Stan’s full report on the Ohio election here:  “Ohio: Koch-Backed Anti-Worker Bill Resoundingly Defeated By Voters

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