The Decembrists: Why Haven’t They Been Invited to the Celtic Festival?

Our daughter in Austin today sent me an email saying that she has been “listening to the album ‘The King is Dead’ by the Decemberists relentlessy these days.”

She pointed out that their song, “Rox in the Box” has a “Celtic feel to it.”

So true.

Why hasn’t this group appeared yet at our Celtic Festival here in Grass Valley? (I have to admit, “Rox in the Box” is more Celtic-sounding than many of their other songs, but … they could pass for Celtic!).

Their last album was “The King is Dead.”

Their next album (November 1st) is “Long Live the King.”

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Get the rocks in the box
Get the water right down to your socks
This bulkhead’s built of fallen brethren bones

We all do what we can
We endure our fellow man
And we sing our songs to the headframes’ creaks and moans

And it’s one two three
On the wrong side of the lee
What were you meant for?
What were you meant for?
And it’s seven eight nine
You get your shuffle back in line
And if you ever make it to ten you won’t make it again

And you won’t make a dime
On this gray Granite Mountain Mine
Of dirt you’re made and to dirt you will return

So while we’re living here
Let’s get this little one thing clear
There’s plenty of men to die; you don’t jump your turn

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