“What Started Here is Going to Continue in Other Ways We Can’t Predict”

Critics of the Occupy-Wall-Street Movement often say that it has no core policy statements, no universally agreed-upon policy demands.

But defenders of the OWS movement remind us that other nonviolent social movements started as simple acts of moral outrage, then grew to become powerful catalysts of social and political change.

Sometimes it begins with the single act of one person like Rosa Parks, who is soon joined by others.

Often it’s not possible to predict how it will unfold, whether it will become something lasting, or not.

But this is how it often begins … with moral outrage.

Here are a couple of voices from the following video:

“When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, or when four black students sat down at a lunch counter in 1960, no one knew what would happen. No one expected that four years later there would be a comprehensive civil rights act, or that one year after that there would be the voting rights act. Even if nothing else happens here, even if everyone goes home today, it’s enough. Because what started here is going to continue in other ways we can’t predict.”

“This is like … we were gonna open a mom-and-pop hamburger store, and all of a sudden we find out there’s an international demand for them!”

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