Occupy Sacramento Draft Declaration Excludes Corporate Personhood

From the Working Draft of the Declaration of the Occupation of Sacramento: (bold emphasis mine):

When the majority of Americans can no longer effectively control the government because they can’t afford enough lobbyists, we no longer have a functioning democracy. The primary intent of this movement is to reform the current structure of the United States of America’s corrupt financial system in order to rescue the American economy from its inevitable total collapse. In order to Accomplish this the nation must:

Eliminate corporate “personhood”. Discontinue allowing the private corporation commmonly known as the “Federal” Reserve to manipulate interest rates and cash flow, consistently destabilizing and undermining the American economy for the benefit of speculators. Dismantle “too big to fail” banks so they can no longer jeopardize the American economy. Overturn the Supreme Court’s outrageous “Citizens United” ruling. No longer tolerate corporate campaign contributions of ANY KIND WHATSOEVER – corporate interests are incompatible with long-term human interests.

What we oppose is: the corporate effort to transform our nation into a system in which the government is of, for, and by the wealthy elite, excluding the interests of the great majority of the American People.

Read the full text of the declaration here.
See Occupy Sacramento website here.
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I wouldn’t go so far as to say categorically that “corporate interests are incompatible with long-term human interests,” since regulated capitalism has shown itself to be successful in the decades between WWII and the late 1970s, until Reaganomics began to unravel the regulatory structures put in place during the New Deal.

One KCRA report referred to the action at Cesar Chavez Park as a “rally against corporate greed.” That sounds about right.

Other video reports found a spectrum of views, from coherence to near incoherence, not suprising in these early days of protest.

Many demonstrators carried signs begging for bailouts for student loans, reflective of a persistent demographic nationwide.

Here’s one of the more coherent demonstrators, a man who is reaching out to the Tea Party:

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