Nanny State

What’s the opposite of police brutality?

See for yourself.

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One Response to “Nanny State”
  1. gregzaller says:

    I’ve been trying to promote an interest in Positive Tickets for this area which is quite similar.

    I think have been working on this about 4 years so far off and on. It seems like the climate is more receptive lately or I am approaching it a little better. I don’t know, but I am hopeful the program may begin in both cities in the near future. Note I used the word hopeful. Positive tickets are tickets handed out by police to people on the street that can be redeemed for premiums such as a cup of coffee or a hamburger. In Canada where it originated they documented a 41% drop in crime as a result of this program in orchestration with other similar efforts. It costs very little.

    I spent a couple of hours recently chatting with some of the homeless on the streets in Nevada City. I enjoyed it immensely and felt I learned somethings. One thing I learned is that the homeless I spoke with felt they were a part of the community and preferred to earn their means than have it handed to them. It is a matter of dignity. I also learned that handing out positive tickets by the police will only be respected if it is done in the spirit of friendship rather than manipulation.

    I wish that actions like this would sprout out of blog conversations.

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