Ben Emery Organizing a Showing of “The Last Mountain”

I met Ben Emery and a Green Party colleague of his at the Bistro in Nevada City on Thursday morning, to talk about arranging a showing at the Nevada City Theater of “The Last Mountain,” a documentary about the horror of mountain top removal in Appalachia.

Ben is trying to get a group of interested folks from local non-profits to participate in a panel discussion as part of the same event, about related matters, including the proposal to re-open the Idaho-Maryland mine.

Stay tuned. This is all likely to happen within the next month.

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2 Responses to “Ben Emery Organizing a Showing of “The Last Mountain””
  1. Ben Emery says:

    The event will be held at Nevada Theatre Nevada City, CA the evening of July 27, 2011. We are finalizing details and full information will be at asap.

    Learn about the environmental impacts of reopening a mine and tile factory just a couple minutes from downtown Grass Valley.

  2. Carol Vance says:

    I have been to the Smoky Mountains many times and have seen the destruction of those mountains. Its terrible how they can take away what God did not intend for man to destroy. I wish everyone would just go back to panning for gold in a creek like the good old days. I have the equipment that wont destroy mother nature on my site at You have a great site and you are a wonderful author. Thanks for caring about our planet when so few do.

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