Nevada City Seafood Temporarily Closed (Will Re-Open Next Thursday)

I was surprised to see this handwritten sign on Eric Juell’s Nevada City Seafood this afternoon when I drove there to buy some salmon:

When I got home I called Nevada City Seafood and spoke to Mike Duffy, the new owner. Mike told me that he’s taking over the business (with Eric still involved for now as a “silent partner”), and plans to re-open the business by Thursday of next week (or possibly even Wednesday).

Whew! I was about to fall into a state of grief.

Mike is a fisherman and has three boats at Half Moon Bay.

He intends to re-open the market with all of the same great fresh offerings.

He asked me, “What is your favorite?” and when I answered “salmon” and “sable fish,” he assured me that these will still be plentifully available. He fishes those himself, he said.

Mike will continue to maintain the Nevada City Seafood email newsletter. You may join it here.

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One Response to “Nevada City Seafood Temporarily Closed (Will Re-Open Next Thursday)”
  1. Don Pelton says:

    Here’s a video from a couple of years ago, in which Eric Juell explains how to prepare fresh crab cippino:

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